Featuring the smoothest controls and the most powerful FPS camera available for Unity, Ultimate FPS is an awesome script pack for achieving that special 'AAA FPS' feeling. A fantastic way to enhance your FPS - or get you started on a new one!

Ultimate FPS is a next-gen first person framework featuring procedural motion of first person controllers, cameras and weapons. It generates super smooth and natural animations in realtime based on player input and external physics forces.

Thousands of hours of work has gone into the design, programming and testing of the system, and hundreds of parameters can be used to manipulate the camera and weapon model, allowing for a vast range of complex, realtime-generated behaviors. Tweaking is fun and often yields cool and unexpected results.
This is an outstanding asset to anyone interested in obtaining high-quality natural movement in the 1st Person without the long hours. The documentation is excellent, the code is well written and defined and implementation has been fairly easy going and straight forward. Would and already have recommended this to others.
~ John Beeby
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UFPS just makes your game FEEL great. A lot of early, and current, Unity-based FPS games have had great art/story/etc, but just feel clunky, slow, and frustrating when compared to games made in Unreal or Source. That's all changed with Ultimate FPS Camera!
~ Gabriel Williams
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Features at a glance
  • Physics-based animations: Breathe life into melee weapons, guns, cockpits and more
  • Mouse smoothing & acceleration: No more jerky input!
  • Camera shakes, earthquakes, shockwaves, boss stomping, impacts!
  • NEW - Unity 5 Ready
  • NEW - Full Body Awareness: with Mecanim-animated player bodies and ragdolls
  • NEW - Survival horror-style 3rd Person Mode
  • NEW - Pain HUD with directional damage indicator and blood spatter
  • NEW - AAA quality Weapons: Pistol, AssaultRifle, Shotgun
  • Input Manager for keyboard, mouse & joystick, allows re-binding controls at runtime
  • Demolition! Handle with care or things will go boom!
  • Ladder System
  • Spawnpoint System
  • A flexible Inventory & Pickup System
  • Interaction System for doors, platforms, triggers, switches, grabbing & throwing stuff.
  • Advanced Moving Platform support
  • Jaw-dropping Slow Motion mode!
  • Melee System
  • Supports Unity Pro Image FX
  • Tons of High-quality Art!
  • Full, very well-commented C# source
  • Detailed Online Manual with lots of tutorials

The best part?

This package is very affordable at the moment.
A lifetime license with unlimited updates is currently yours for only $95.

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Your purchase grants you a lifetime license for commercial use
in as many games as you want, along with unlimited updates.
For the money, more care and effort has gone into this system than I've ever seen, even in the completeness of the documentation. If you need a quality FPS system, look no further, this is all you need. For the price, this level of quality is a steal. Big thanks to the contributor for this one.
~ Christopher Beck
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I had been spinning my tires in other engines because Unity didn't have a decent FPS camera. This solves all my problems. I was able to quickly take this, extend it, and get an FPS game running in a weekend (most of my time was spent modeling and writing the game score/damage logic).
~ Adam Shaw
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Ultimate FPS is great for
  • Indies: Setting out to build your own FPS in Unity on a small team? Get a guns-blazing player working very quickly, even with limited scripting skills! Plugging in your own weapon models is super-easy. Motions are generated in realtime (no animation required) and you could be running around shooting things in your Unity scene within minutes.

  • Students: You will be able to learn a lot about game programming in C# and Unity by studying the included source scripts. The code has massive commenting and contains tons of valuable tricks-of-the-trade.

  • Designers: Need to evaluate a dummy level design, demonstrate a game idea to a client, or perhaps do a 3D architectural visualization? Enable high-quality 1st person camera & controls in your Unity scene in seconds by simply dragging a prefab into your scene hierarchy.

  • Pros: Prefer building your own systems? While Ultimate FPS can be used as a cornerstone for a new FPS, great effort has also been put into keeping it modular. The system is a top-rated, top-paid Unity asset for good reasons; why not leverage some of its success by studying or extracting only the subsystems or algorithms that you may need?
This is a Perfect Example of a AAA quality asset. We need more assets of this calibre on the Asset Store. [...] 5 Stars all the way!
~ Michael Zedalis
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Simply one of the best, well commented and documented assets on the store. The dev is still invested in the product (even offering a fix for an advanced issue) as it seems you cannot go wrong [...] a bargain! A great asset to start your game on.
~ Dylan Jones
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I would recommend this package as a great learning tool for anyone curious about good programming practices in Unity. This pack and NGUI stand out to me as great examples of quality code.
~ Doug Wolanick
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Your purchase grants you a lifetime license for commercial use
in as many games as you want, along with unlimited updates.

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